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Client Testimonials

- Featured Client Testimonial -

 Eric Lee

NFL Football DE  - New England Patriots


"Marisol is a top-tier provider and much more than a massage therapist. She creates a safe space for you to decompress and explore rejuvenation. She is apart of the standard for wellness and health and I love that!"


Thanks Eric, for your loyalty to our business!





Rachel - Actress and Print Model


I trained with Marisol for a while to be healthy before undergoing surgery and needed to heal up before restarting exercise. I've now restarted training so you know how it feels when you get sore all over after exercise not to mention rehabilitation after surgery... I have gotten stronger and much more flexible and seeing results which is great and the massages with Marisol are such a treat that has helped me focus on my training better and not give up due to soreness. Her energy and healing vibes are a winner and I love that I can either book my massages within the training studio or mobile for the days I'd rather be home. Most professional trainer and therapist I've come across in years and I'll surely be sticking around for the long run, highly recommended.



Juliet - Marriage and Family Therapist 

One thing I can say for sure with Marisol is that she is so genuine and caring. Getting a massage at My Healing Hands Massage has been a great experience. Marisol takes time to get to know your wants and needs and is gentle when needed and works her way through every part of the body and muscle that needs attention. I would get a massage with her in between training sessions when I would work out with her and although I haven't had a consistent work out schedule for awhile, I still call on Marisol anytime a massage is needed!



Cobby - Real Estate Investment Properties


I have been having my massages with My Healing Hands Massage for 4 years now and my therapist and stretch coach Marisol saves my life several days a week and that's no joke. She has gone from coming to my business for employee chair massages to my personal home massages. I book sessions for chair massages and occasional table for my wife or myself and no matter what I need or the pain I'm in she is able to help me relax and feel so much better and I even breath better. She is by far my favorite person as I look forward to each and every session with her. Highly recommend her gift of healing.



Karen - Actress and Film Producer


I booked a Swedish massage for my birthday to relax and reduce stress after a long road trip with my husband and our film project.  The trip left me aching and sore.  I had my massage and stretch session with Marisol who is a true talent with strong yet skilled soft therapeutic touch that left me in cloud nine.  If you want a professional with a great smile and personality who loves what she does, then try her, you will not regret it. I'll be booking massages with her more often now!



Florah - Real Estate Agent Hollywood


I've been getting my massages with My Healing Hands Massage for about a year now for tension in my neck, upper and lower back from sitting long hours. I chose to try out Marisol after another friend recommended her and what do you know... I've had massages before but she has been # 1! She understands muscle and stretch really well and has been keeping me pain free since day one. Too bad I can't reserve her just for myself, if you need a good sports or deep tissue massage, she's firm but precise and good with getting tension released best in the business!



Jennifer - Nourish Lifestyle Holistic Nutrition


Marisol is incredible!! My husband and I have been using her consistently for years. We don't go a week without having her massage. Not only is she so talented but she has amazing techniques, and is always equipped with all the latest massage technology and equipment. She's very knowledgeable about the body and I trust her with any ailment I may have! Highly recommend her!



Jeff - Stand Up Comedian/Podcast Producer


I booked a massage one early morning after a nagging torn Achilles' tendinitis tear had been bothering me for some time. I had hopes that a massage would help in the pain I was feeling. Marisol recommended I have a deep tissue also  known as (remedial massage) as she schooled me on treatment before start and off to work she went. I had a great experience in my massage which entailed a full body massage with a focus on Achilles pain and she was able to decrease the sensation of inflammation pain and help me with mobility and flexibility for normal function thereafter. Her treatment was a success, thanks!



Shaun - Muay Thai Personal Trainer


Where do I begin.... choosing My Healing Hands Massage was one of the best investments Iv'e ever made for myself. From the moment of arrival to my business I was greeted with the kind of energy that would make anyone feel relaxed prior to starting my massage. I chose My Healing Hands Massage because of chronic neck and shoulder issues I've had for the past several years due to an accident I was involved in. My therapist Marisol was truly incredible at pin-pointing my issue and correcting it during the massage. I could not believe how much better I felt after only one session. Truly remarkable! I would give 10 stars if I could, highly recommend Marisol and her services any day.



Mark - Retired Professional Tennis Player


You know how sometimes you can just tell whether or not you are in good hands? Two minutes into my initial conversation with Marisol, I knew that I came to the right place. The whole experience here was terrific. I had my first session with Marisol. She was sincerely interested in understanding what was bothering me, offered her expertise and guided our conversation to reach alignment on what would be best for me. The work she did on me loosened up my body. First thing that makes My Healing Hands Massage amazing: the scheduling system is SUPER easy - just a few clicks and I had my appointment set up. Treat yourself. Get a life altering massage with Marisol.



Kieran - Film Executive Producer


Marisol was great, she was very welcoming and friendly. The massage was great, the best I’ve had in my experience. She spent longer than the allocated time working out my knots. Can tell she really cares about her clients needs. Will definitely be back.



Daisy - High School Teacher


Marisol is probably the best masseuse I have ever come across. My husband has been her client for over 4 years and now she comes to our place at least twice a week! As I like to say, she has magical hands and can make me feel so relaxed. She has innovative techniques and top of the line gadgets that make the massage experience unlike any other. Highly recommend her!!!



Yamille - Business Personal Assistant


Starr is awesome and she's great at what she does, she comes to our office in LA every Wednesday for massages leaving us relaxed and in a better mood (trust me well deserved massages once a week) courtesy of our boss :)



David - Professional  Stunt Man and Writer


Marisol was amazing! Thank you so much for giving a detailed professional massage. Very cozy in-call experience and will definitely be rebooking.



Natalie - Chief  Sales and Operations


Extremely informative and helpful, and she tailors it perfectly to your specific needs!



Heather - Criminal Defense Attorney


Marisol couldn't be more lovely and kind. Her touch is comforting and healing.



Kevin - Real Estate Student and Entrepreneur


Best masseuse, Starr is the best highly recommended.