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Explosive Blocked Energy Release

My attunements were set by my master reiki teacher to initiate me into master teacher and I was not only delighted and anxious but was given some instructions to begin relaxing at least 15 minutes prior to the attunement which I prepared myself and started with breathing exercises followed by a few minutes of meditation in silence. The attunement began at the top of the hour approximately 10am as it was set to begin. The first reaction that I immediately started to feel was my chest pounding as with anxiety, I chose to keep breathing and keep my eyes closed while focusing on my breaths, when I then started feeling nausea which felt like it lasted quiet a bit of time and was almost uncomfortable.


I was open to my experience so I continued on allowing what needed to flow through me to do so, and as I allowed myself to accept the feelings without distraction soon after I felt my right foot become heavy for what felt like a few seconds maybe as if someone had been holding it down and then it began shaking rigorously like a person grabbing your leg and moving it while a vibration of energy shot up my right leg lasting several minutes long. Thats when a burst of tears came down my face and a sigh of release flew out of my mouth. I felt not one but several hands all over me as if I was being held down and soon enough I felt my body head to toe as if I was on a cloud and no physical object was holding me up.


My session was to be 30 minutes but when I awoke it was 2 hours later!!! Where I had gone was no longer my concern, I was not asleep... but somewhere else receiving my "Life Force Energy". Realizing that Reiki has touched the very areas of my concerns both my stomach and my foot neuropathy after spine surgery. Reiki truly does go where it is needed the most. Such an amazing, emotional, and enlightening experience!

- Marisol Starr Garner 

Two Experiences, Worlds Apart

"My Reiki 1 was a very gentle and peaceful affair. I enjoyed the process greatly and felt 'spaced out' for a few hours, but was fine soon after". The 2nd attunement was a whole different ball game. As my Guide was preparing me 15 minutes before it began, I felt an enormous presence behind me and a lot of activity around the Crown Chakra. The attunement itself was delightful. I had done a lot of preparation for this attunement and the energy flowed in smoothly enough." "The after effects have been somewhat dramatic.


The cleansing process has just about floored me at times. It feels like the dissolution of ego and the emergence of the spiritual self. Emotions are all over the place, up one minute and down the next." My whole life has changed. I am drawn to study Shamanism with an incredible force, and my third eye is opening wider. - Sam 

The Tingling Hands

R.A. describes having both attunements done on the same day: "Prior to the first attunement, my hands started sweating, which is unusual for me. Then during the Level 1, I saw purple morphing over a sea of black." "During the Level 2, I didn't feel too much, which disappointed me at first. However, several hours later while I was at home, warmth and a tingling sensation filled my whole body which lasted quite a while."


"Since attunement, I have been drinking lots of water and cutting my soda intake to a fraction of my regular habit, which is uncharacteristic of me. It's been a month since the attunement and I still constantly have a tingling sensation in my hands, as if they were on the verge of falling asleep." - Crystal



Intense Laughter

"When my Guide held her hand over my head, I felt the power coming into me. I started to shake a lot -- so much so that I thought I was going into a seizure. In fact, when it was over my Guide asked me if I was epileptic."

"When I started shaking, I also felt this deep intense laughter trying to escape.


The harder I tried to hold it in, the more intense it got and finally, it just came out! It felt so wonderful. My Guide said that it was the way I was supposed to receive the energy because I was such a happy kind of person, and laughter is always present in my life."  - Shannon



No "Wow" Moment

"The first Reiki attunement was a loving experience, though it was not this completely "wow" moment. My hands were hot and I was able to discern points of concern on my fellow student. I diligently practiced full self-treatment for the 21 days following and beyond. I really needed cleansing as I had developed shingles and a rare skin disorder on top of my fibromyalgia."


"I have since received my second attunement, which also did not consist of a "wow" moment. But Reiki has been profound in my daily life. I use Reiki every day on myself and someone else. There is not a family function that I go to that I am not asked for a session." - Denise



Glowing Chakras

"The night after my Reiki attunement, I saw a body outlined with all the colored chakras glowing. Then a box appeared and the top opened. My teacher said it was a gift from my spirit guide. I have been very tired and feeling flu-like all week. I also got a yeast infection. I feel better when I do a healing so I have been doing one every day. I see a lot of white flashing light and blue and violet colors when I do healings."

"My hands get really hot and the heat travels up my arms sometimes. I feel kind of spacey too. My appetite has decreased and I got sick when I drank some champagne. I feel so close to God and feel a part of something so loving. I also have become more psychically intuitive. I will wait 8 months to a year to get my Reiki III Master attunement." - Kristy



Overwhelmed by Calm

"My first level Usui Reiki attunement was in the late evening, in person. I was completely energized and the tingling in my palms continued for a very long time. I felt elated and overwhelmed by a sudden feeling of calmness after my Reiki Master attunements."


"I have had a number of past life experiences and visions since. During my healing sessions, I frequently feel strong vibrations from my clients. During my Reiki I attunements, the vibrations from my client were so strong I almost fell back, it was so powerful. Today, I feel God's presence and his energy surrounding me. I have discovered my mission in life on earth. Life is a continuous and miraculous healing journey." - David



A Loving Embrace

"At the end of my Reiki I attunement, I was sitting in my chair. I felt a light touch on my chest, almost like a hug. Then I felt an incredible force pushing me back into the chair. My head, neck, and shoulders felt like someone was pushing me backward. My chest felt as though there was so much weight on it I was having a hard time taking a breath. I pushed against this so hard, because I knew that if I did not, that the chair was going to flip over backward."


"Then it went away. My Reiki instructor quietly told me to open my eyes, and she had tears running down her face. She said that my deceased mother had come to me, dropped to her knees, thrown herself into my lap and hugged me. She told me how much she loved me and how happy she was that I am on this path. It was an experience that I can never forget. I will feel that for the rest of my human life." - Patty



21-Day Purification

"I was told by the Reiki teacher who taught my class that we would likely experience some detoxing or cleansing of our bodies for 21 days following the attunement. The cleansing or purging of toxins can present themselves in different ways. The number of days (21) is symbolic, it may only be a few days or longer than the 21 days."


"I noticed cravings for fresh fruit -- pineapple and strawberries in particular -- for the first couple of days. Also, my body required more sleep for about 4 weeks. I found myself taking midday naps, yet I was still able to sleep soundly at night."

- Chris



4 Level 1 Attunements

"I completed level 1 Reiki and had 4 attunements. The experience was wonderful. I saw a few images in the first 2 attunements, including a crystal that, when the course was complete, was given to me by my instructor. I found that very interesting and a confirmation that something was going on."


"I did experience back pain during the last attunement. I also saw an eagle the day after and two woodpeckers in my yard. During the last attunement, with eyes closed, my instructor was now a monk during the whole process, and I have not been able to look at her the same way since that."

"My physical cleansing experience has included many coincidences, headaches, change in food tastes, constipation, dark urine, complete absence of alcohol cravings and change in reaction to alcohol, foot cramps, hand twitching, leg vibrations, sensitivity to electricity, decrease in phlegm, improved sleep, decrease in appetite, cold feet, and improved digestion."

- Suzanne

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