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The fastest way to reach your fitness goals with the proper nutrition guidance, workout program and exercise technique/form. Whether you want to lose weight, get back in shape, or push yourself to the next fitness level, we work with you and start you off at your fitness level. We develop a customized workout program designed for your specific goals to maximize results. If you prefer in studio training and are local in Houston, Texas you may send us a contact request to have a consult.

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Client Testimonials


Rachel - Actress and Print Model

I have been training with Starr for nearly a year and my body looks amazing. All of my friends have noticed. First and foremost she's a great, professional trainer. She's also an awesome motivator and life coach. Her gym is always clean and fully equipped for all workouts. Thank you Starr for making my body hot!!!!



Christina - Family Law Attorney


One word for Starr - AMAZING!! My sister and I met her in November 2014 by chance, and trained with her until June 2015. A healthy lifestyle has always been very important to me. She adapted our workouts to fit our different body types, and our individual goals. Starr pushed my body to limits I didn't know I had!  She's an amazing trainer and has such great radiating energy and positive vibes-- I love it! Moreover, her "go-getter" attitude and "you can achieve whatever you put your mind to" belief helped me keep going in my training when there were times I thought I would quit. Starr has my highest recommendation. I would love to train with her again in the near future. So if you're thinking of hiring a personal trainer who will test your limits and get you in the best shape of your life, Starr is the one!!



Sandra - Singer and Songwriter


After having so many personal issues with my weight, I was able to overcome my insecurities with the help of Starr! She truly gave me the motivation I needed and made me believe in myself. I am the type of person that has a difficult time working out on my own and need someone to help me by telling me exactly what to do. Starr is an incredibly energetic trainer who truly listens to her clients and sets up a workout plan that best fits the client. Starr will go above and beyond for her clients and is always purchasing new equipment. I started working with Starr in November of 2014 and have nothing but amazing things to say about her. As we started working out, she knew how far to push my body and would never let me give up! She gave me the motivation I needed, despite me always complaining of how tired I was from work. :) I got to the point where I loved working out and felt off if i didn't. If you're looking for an amazing trainer who will help you, motivate you, give you health tips, not let you give up, and truly listen to your bodies needs, THEN Starr is the right person for you! Believe me, she will not disappoint you! If you book with her, get ready to get your sweat on and become a healthier version of yourself. Still to this day I believe that finding her was fate. Her amazing energy, positivity, and smile will make your days! :D



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