Staying Healthy During Corona Pandemic

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

During these times where a possibly deadly virus exists amongst us and waiting to attack us in society, it is our duty to utilize what we have at our disposal... that being our # 1 helper which most of the time we ignore or forget is our biggest defense team. That defense team is best known as EXERCISE. When we maintain a daily exercise regimen along with a balanced nutrition we automatically keep our health under what is called a high Ph balance which studies has shown help in prevent illnesses.

Since our immune system is all we have between us and EXERCISE, as this virus spreads, are there ways we can make it work better?

  1. The immunologists agreed that your best bet is to try to prevent exposure. So, do what all the public health experts have been telling you. Wash your hands thoroughly and often. If you can’t access soap and water, use a hand gel that’s 60% alcohol or more. Avoid crowds and close contact with other people. If you are over age 60 or have underlying health conditions such as heart or lung disease or diabetes, take these prevention steps very seriously. The new disease is much harder on older people and those in already weakened health.

  2. The best route to a well-functioning immune system is to do what doctors always tell you to do, Your ABC’s of good health:

a- Exercise! Daily activity to work your heart and system

b- Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fiber and whole grains

c- Get seven to nine hours of sleep

d- Maintain a healthy weight

e- Try to manage your stress

f- Drink enough daily fluids

g- Stop smoking, and vaping

h- Don’t drink excessively

Adults and adolescence should get a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. Stretching and meditation are but just a few additions we should add to our regimen for health success in avoiding the body from locking up on us and lowering our immune system. Many healthy individuals have weathered through illnesses during health crisis when our immune system is doing its job properly. You will hear many companies with products claiming to be the cure for even the common cold, but truth be told... our immune system is our best defense and with appropriate upkeep we function like a soldier.

Taking back control of our own health is as simple as 1-2-3 so, why aren’t we getting more serious about finding the time to do just that?

As a personal trainer with 10+ years under my belt and a steady flow of reasons I’ve heard it all balls down to time, energy and motivation. With Starr Fit Club online video training you can exercise on your time, anywhere and keep up with Starr’s infectious motivation to keep you pushing and reach your goals faster. Visit us @

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