How Body Type Affects Your Training

Know your body type and how it affects your training

Not very many people I have learned are aware of their body type much less how that can and will affect your training results based on your goals. As a personal trainer I have had countless prospective consultations where people would say that they either stopped exercising or changed trainers based on results they got. Now, what I mean by results is crucial because anyone seeking results may differentiate from another’s goals. You may be seeking to lose weight in all the right places but then find out that the training you’ve committed to gave you well.... results you weren’t too fond of. As an example a woman in the process of losing weight is successful except she finds herself gaining width to her upper back, her hips or even her biceps where I have found most women complain about. This happens when the wrong training plan is used for her body type. I found that many of my clients had experiences with former trainers that used a training template whereas I only use a customizable training plan which uses their body type, age, fitness level and overall health as a measure of the training plan to be used. After all, your body type and genetics play a big role in your results. Here are the three (3) main body types and an approach you can use to determine a successful approach to training for weight-loss, gains, or even strength dependent on your goals.

1- Ectomorph

Long and lean delicate frame difficult to build muscle and fat

How to train

Focus on compound movements as opposed to isolated movements because you will use more muscle groups in the one exercise.


More carbs acceptable,

2- Endomorph

3- Mesomorph

How to eat for them How to exercise for your type

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