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Training, Coaching & Zoom Expectations




Is A Personal Trainer Right For Me?

The role of the personal trainer is changing. It used to be that celebrities and wealthy individuals were the only people that used personal trainers. The stereotype of a personal trainer used to be that of a big body builder. Today the personal trainer is a "highly skilled professional" that has been educated and certified to work with various types of clients. Children as young as 7 years old, 80 year old men and women, obese adults, athletes, cancer recovery patients, and adults with diseases all benefit from working with personal trainers. Clients are using personal trainers for: fat loss, weight gain, flexibility, improve posture, alleviate stress, Increase energy, rehab an injury, improve quickness, general health benefits, and cancer recovery.

How Will I Know Which Training Program Is Right For Me?

Prior to getting started, your personal trainer STARR will meet with you for a FREE consultation by appointment. This appointment is scheduled for you to meet at the fitness studio in person. During this time, she will ask you questions about your fitness goals, past history with exercise, etc, to get an idea of what type of program is right for you and what will keep you engaged and motivated.  Regardless of which program is chosen, your  training is specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals.

What Should I Expect During My Consultation?

During the consultation, which lasts approximately 1-hour, your personal trainer will gather as much information as possible on your medical and exercise history in order to create the best program for you. Next your trainer will establish realistic goals and discuss the strategies that will be used to accomplish them. Body fat testing, body girth measurements, flexibility, cardio, and strength testing may all be done during the consultation process. A client registration will also need to be completed and signed before training is set to begin, without this information we are unable to get started.

Will There Be Workout Equipment?

If you are training with STARR in the fitness studio, YES! Along with specific miscellaneous tools provided for your training session. If you are going to receive mobile training and STARR comes to you, she may utilize your community or personal fitness studio even if it is in your home or surrounding areas. If you have equipment in your home, that is great, we'll use it.  If not, your trainer is equipped to bring all of the necessary items to give you a great workout.  

What About Nutrition, Is It Included?

Exercise is extremely important in achieving your fitness goals, however... nutrition as a matter of fact it is responsible for up to 70% of our fitness success.... proper nutrition can not be ignored. Our business is in helping you reach your goals. Your purchase of nutrition supplements - may not be included in your training plan  (additional cost) will qualify you to a guided monthly coaching with your trainer using our "30-days to healthy living" program in which we utilize our vegan supplements and provide you with support on nutrition, to include healthy recipes for cold press juicing, snacking, protein consumption, and access to joining our facebook social media support group where your trainer will check in with you and all who have joined each week by keeping you motivated and accountable to assure you reach your goals in the speediest way.

What Will I Need For My Coaching Session?

If you've decided you want to ADD our "nutrition supplements" to your training regimen, you will need to purchase the supplements from our about page from the nutrition supplements button which is located at the bottom of the page after the before and after client success photos. You will then receive access to join our facebook support group and we'll get you started. Bonus benefits of adding coaching and nutrition bundle to your training will help you keep the momentum going even when your not with your trainer, it's like she is always there. Ask her questions, get follow ups, she's your biggest cheerleader after all!

How Many Sessions Do I Get?

Each individual will choose whether you want to pay as you go using the online booking services and selecting the session you'd like and pay "per session" rate for a single session or you may choose to purchase a monthly plan (best option) most clients are on a monthly pre-paid plan which gives them between 8 and 10 sessions depending on package plan they've chosen. Monthly plans are created with the fitness client in mind to save you time and money with a discounted rate for pre-payment and you get to use your sessions on your time for each session. Keep up with your account, scheduled sessions and much more by downloading our Wix app when you join us.

What Happens If I Need To Cancel?

We all have times that stumble into our day and cause a chain reaction and we must cancel. We offer you to cancel or reschedule within 12-hours before the start of your session which may be done several ways - by Wix app from your dashboard, by email to your trainer, or even a phone call. There is no money back guarantee without proper cancellation of your session within 12-hours. 

What Happens When I Book A ZOOM Training?

Whether you book a single session or purchase a monthly bundle you will receive a unique link to attend your zoom sessions immediately after booking each of your sessions when you book online using the wix app and you are signed into your account.

What Is The WIX app?

The WIX app is a convenient app you ca download directly from the app store. This will allow you to manage your account details such as bookings, cancellation, rescheduling, and even join in on private, public and challenge groups created by Starr Fit Club to keep you engaged and accoutable for health and fitness.

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