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Fitness is 100% Mental
"The body won't go where the mind doesn't let it"

Marisol "Starr" Garner is a Latin American actress, producer, private trainer and founder of "Starr Fit Club", a seasoned and skilled sports massage therapist to celebrity actors and professional sports athletes. Starr's passion for health and wellness now brings her "Hollywood" glimmer to Houston, Tx with her infectious motivation to get you fit, and feeling great. Ready to set you on the path to better health, and help you realize your fitness goals to success. Tailor specific training to your fitness level. An inspirational coach that will push you beyond your limits to shape you into that superstar body you've always dreamed of. Her successes range from former 6 year lung cancer battle losing all three right lung lobes and now living with one left lung, spine surgery that left her with right foot nerve damage and limited range of flexibility in the spine, so the doctors said. Her battle in life was far more than the average person may ever experience but she proved doctors wrong who said she will never breathe normally again or walk normal, much less resume a normal life. Exercise is the oldest form of medicine so she chose to keep health the motivation for longevity and coach others with all her knowledge. She has now also entered the counseling career with a specific niche for life, abuse and addiction recovery to coach her clients on a holistic level for total life balance that takes your overall wellness to another level.

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 Resistance Training 

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Resistance Training


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When you can't make it to the gym, bring the gym to you. With convenient, easy fun workouts to keep you engaged no matter what level you are at. Video training to spice up your interest with a diverse variety of training to help you change up and keep you from being bored. 



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